Freshtime tags are smart sensors that can be used to monitor temperature or both temperature and freshness.  The choice is yours.

Tag boogie 6 Inches

Tag paddle 12 Inches

Tag boogie 20 Inches

The conventional tool for handling perishables is the temperature logger. Loggers do a good job of telling you whether temperatures are within an approved range. This is useful when purchasing-criteria are based upon confirming that the temperature of the perishable has not breached a specified temperature threshold. What temperature loggers don’t tell you is what effect the deviation has had on the condition of your perishable and on its corresponding value. Hence, it is no surprise that so many perishables are tossed.

Freshtime gives you tools for quantifying freshness-used and freshness-left. Now, everyone handling the perishable can rely on the tag to accurately indicate freshness. We call this magic, Freshtime Points.

There are three types of Freshtime tags: EPC, NFC and DUAL. An on-tag button enables the tag to be started and the status checked without the use of a reader. Freshtime tags come in various shapes and sizes. They can be reused depending upon the plan selected.