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Today, perishables’ lives are becoming more and more complex. Consumer demand, 24/7, 52 weeks a year, has led to global supply chains in which partners are often unknown to each other. This means a lower and lower brand owner, retailer and consumer visibility into the condition of perishables at purchase. Additionally, the rise in specialty perishables, purchased via the Internet, adds even more uncertainty. Counterfeit? Where made? Who made it? What ingredients? Has its quality been preserved? Was it temperature abused in the shipment? Is it fresh? How fresh? Ask Infratab Freshtime.

Perishable challenges

Variable handling + customer demand for fewer preservatives = rising waste

Food waste

(globally per year)

1.4 billion tons

Perishable cold chain risks

  • 69% of companies in a 2017 risk management study cited by Microsoft do not have full  visibility in their supply chain.

  • 41% of companies track supply chain disruptions using spreadsheets after the occurrences.

Waste not limited

to food

About Infratab

Tracking “How fresh?” and “How is it?”

From harvest or production through transport and sale to the consumer

Basic Sensing

Infratab's products monitor, track and trace the temperature and condition of perishables and things which experience wear and tear by the business partner, location or process

Condition intelligence

Answering “How fresh?” “How is it?”

Unlocking the mystery of fresh

A legacy in caring about the condition

Our simple idea: a product's life start at 100, at birth and ends at 0, It's Use-By, quality end-of-life.
What if you can express shelf life as the percentage of life used and left?
What if the percentage then converts to days/hours at specified temperatures?

A legacy of Freshness metrics for nearly 50 years

An ongoing quest for condition understood and used

 Condition-Shelf life-Freshness:  Magic

Infratab brings together expertise and passion from a multiplicity of disciplines in order to bring freshness and condition thinking into widespread use.

When condition is measured and quantified, verified and validated, it becomes a trusted tool in making  competitive harvesting, pricing and shipping perishable decisions and service decisions about items which experience measurable wear-and-tear. It results in smarter, more efficient assessments, when perishable ingredient and nutrient potency and flavor are mapped to ranges of shelf life and freshness.  It means lest toss.  Lower carbon footprints. And healthier and safer consumers.

Meet Infratab's "Condition guru" founders


Stanton Kaye

Theodore P.

Labuza, PhD

Kristine Gedroic,


David Medin

Infratab Freshtime: perishable data capture and analytics toolkit


Infratab Freshtime is a solution-based toolkit for collecting, sharing and analyzing data about the condition of a perishable. These tools provide insights into the condition of perishable items and groups of items, the temperature effectiveness of refrigerated spaces and the timeliness and temperature performance of perishable transport.

Freshtime makes temperature and other sensor data smart—on the spot—providing actionable data that can save a perishable from being tossed.  This actionable data requires no cloud—but when the data is stored on the cloud, notifications, reports, predictions and analyses can be shared with all with the need to know.

Freshtime is GS1 supply chain savvy and blockchain astute. Its users range from those in the supply chain to QA inspectors, lab technicians, nurses, chefs, food delivery persons, consumers and more.




Industry Organization

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Infratab, inc is a leader in condition-intelligent RF sensor solutions for monitoring and tracking perishables and items whose condition is measurable. Infratab designs, makes, sells and services tags, edge software, cloud services, and analytics, answering "How fresh?", "How is it?"

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